Best Energy Supplements for Chronic Fatigue

From long workdays to over-stuffed weekends, it’s natural to feel fatigued, worn out, or exhausted on a regular basis. With so much to do and so little time, you might be wondering “why do I get so tired in the afternoon,” and are wishing there was a way to make the most of your days, without those frequent sighs and yawns.

If you’re looking for a burst of all-natural energy, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to take you through the 7 best liquid energy supplements for chronic fatigue syndrome —from the fairly familiar to the slightly more obscure. You deserve a supplement that keeps you energized and helps recharge your batteries after a busy day, so read on to find out how to gain energy naturally and unlock your full potential.

#1 Vitamin B12

If you’re feeling more fatigued than usual, you might be suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency. A water-soluble vitamin, B12 is found in animal products, like meat, poultry, and dairy. However, dietary options are not enough and an energy supplement might be necessary.

B-12 is an essential vitamin that works within your body to:

  • Produce red blood cells – B12 is an essential ingredient to allow your body to create a sufficient red blood cell supply. These cells are key to transporting oxygen throughout your body which helps multiple systems to function properly. If your red blood count is low, your body is receiving less oxygen, directly leading to persistent fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Protect your immune systems – Low levels of B12 can lead to a weaker immune system, leaving you more susceptible to illness—and is there anything more exhausting than being sick all the time? Definitely not. B12 works to build key enzymes for your immune and nervous system and maintain necessary several biochemical functions.
  • Improve brain function – If you’re dealing with brain fog, it could be a result of too little B12. There’s a proven link between B12 and neurological function, so if you’re finding yourself fatigued mentally as well as physically, a B12 supplement could be the answer to clearer thoughts and higher brain energy.

Alcohol and some prescription drugs can work to lower B12 absorption, so check with your doctor if you believe your medications may harm your B12 levels. Because B12 is water-soluble, your body will expel any unabsorbed B12, making it a very safe option for supplementing.

In short? You can never really have too much B12.

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#2 Iron

If you’re finding yourself tired in the middle of the day (or any time), you may need to up your dosage of heavy metal—iron specifically. Iron is an important mineral that your body needs, like vitamin B12, to manufacture red blood cells for the transport of oxygen.

Fatigue is a frequent side effect of anemia and general iron deficiency in your body. Iron levels can be significantly lowered by diseases such as:

  • Kidney disease
  • Celiac disease
  • Crohn’s disease

As well, pregnancy and heavy menstrual periods can deplete iron levels in the body, so definitely consider supplementing if you’re dealing with any medical issues that could complicate your body’s iron needs. The upper threshold for daily iron is about 45 mg, so be certain not to exceed the healthy limits when supplementing.1

#3 L-Theanine

If you’re looking for a naturally occurring amino acid to give you a little more pep in your step, L-Theanine is a wise option.

Found in tea, mushrooms, incorporated into energizing smoothie recipes, and available in supplements, L-Theanine works within your body to:

  • Transmit nerve impulses in the brain – Extreme fatigue is often just as mental as it is physical. With L-Theanine supplements, you’ll give your brain a boost of amino acids to increase cognitive functions and get your brain in shape.
  • Manage stress and anxiety – While more studies are being conducted, there is a possible link between L-Theanine and stress reactions. Exhaustion often occurs when you’re in a heightened state of anxiety, and with L-Theanine, you may be able to lower anxiety levels and gain the extra energy metabolism that is often sapped when stressed out. Train your brain to relax with L-Theanine supplements.

If you suffer from low blood pressure or are pregnant or breastfeeding, L-Theanine may have adverse side effects, so consult with a physician if you’re concerned about possible risks. If you’re able to take it, L-Theanine is one of nature’s best tools in the fight against fatigue.

#4 Rhodiola Rosea

A herb sourced from the mountains of Europe and Asia, Rhodiola Rosea is a golden root with more than 140 active ingredients.2

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen, which means it helps your body adapt to stress and fight fatigue. The roots have been used for centuries as a holistic cure to common mental and physical stressors that lead to exhaustion.

Scientific studies have proven Rhodiola Rosea’s effectiveness when it comes to increasing:

  • Energy levels – Not only can Rhodiola Rosea fight daily exhaustion, but it this natural energy booster can also give you a leg up in the gym. Studies have shown this root’s ability to impact exercise performance. In one study, participants given Rhodiola Rosea were shown to exercise for 24 seconds longer than the participants given a placebo.2 It may not sound like a lot, but every second counts in the gym.
  • Cognition levels – When exploring the cognitive improvement of Rhodiola Rosea supplements, researchers found it could improve work-related tasks by a whopping 20%.2 Tired of lagging behind at the office? A simple dietary supplement could be the difference between always playing catch-up and performing at the top of your game.

Rhodiola Rosea has even been used to fight depression, insomnia, and emotional instability, all of which go hand in hand with extreme tiredness. There’s no reason to skip out on this ancient cure to the common problems of modern life.

#5 Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are fuel for your brain and your body. Omega-3 is used by your body to:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Help mitigate joint pain and arthritis
  • Combat depression and the effects of ADHD
  • Improve brain health

The physical and mental benefits of omega-3 work in synergy to combat regular fatigue. If your body and brain are working overtime, leaving you feeling a little worse for the wear, an omega 3 natural energy booster supplement may be the simplest solution to put you back in the saddle. Not only will it help improve your energy but omega 3 is also a great natural supplement for mental focus to clear away any brain fog that’s slowing you down.

Cymbiotika’s vegan omega-3 supplement, The Omega, is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to give you the best energy boost for your daily grind. Derived from algae, organic sea buckthorn, organic monk fruit, and organic lemon oil, The Omega is the perfect supplement to help boost your energy levels.

#6 Ashwagandha

For over 3,000 years, ashwagandha has been used to fight back against the problem of fatigue. Found naturally in North Africa and India, its benefits have only recently been adopted by the west.

When translated for Sanskrit, ashwagandha means “smell of the horse.” Don’t worry, it’s not going to make you smell like a stable. The name derives from the smell of the herb itself (which is unnoticeable in supplements), and because of the immense strength of ashwagandha’s medical usage.

Ashwagandha has proven its usefulness in:

  • Lowering blood sugar – Both those with diabetes and without can find the blood sugar-lowering effects of ashwagandha helpful for staying energized. High blood sugar can lead to serious crashes and unstable spikes, making ashwagandha an excellent option for maintaining stable levels and consistent energy.
  • Reducing cortisol – Known as the stress hormone, cortisol plays a large role in your fight or flight mechanism. When cortisol is too high and leads to a hormonal imbalance, you may remain in an exacerbated state of anxiety, quickly leading to fatigue that you shouldn’t have to deal with.
  • Reducing Inflammation – If your fatigue is related to tired muscles and joints, you may be dealing with an inflammatory problem. Ashwagandha reduces inflammation, resulting in less soreness, making daily activities less of a slog, and may even encourage you to go the extra mile at the gym.

Ashwagandha is a safe supplement for those interested in powerful results and holistic treatments for their daily fatigue. Like the other supplements on our list, its uses aren’t purely physical, Ashwagandha can even improve your memory when taken as part of a daily regimen.

#7 Vitamin C

Vitamin C’s role in overall health has become decisively known—including its role in fighting fatigue.

It’s estimated that only 10-20% of adults receive their daily required levels of vitamin C, making supplements an absolute must. But what makes vitamin C so essential?

Consider all the ways vitamin C impacts your daily health including:

  • Cardiovascular health – Your heart is the powerhouse of your body. Good cardiovascular health is central to your overall energy, and vitamin C is absolutely essential to keeping your heart beating strongly.
  • Eye health – So many of us spend our days looking at screens, and all that time staring at blue light can lead to eye strain and fatigue. Vitamin C actively works to maintain eye health, keeping your vision strong, whether you’re behind the wheel or behind the computer.

It’s safe to take up to 2,000 mgs a day of vitamin C in supplement form but the benefits may be noticeable at lower dosages.3 Don’t just rely on your diet to provide the necessary vitamin C your body craves—hundreds of studies have proven just how effective this nutritional supplement can be on a daily basis.

Our Synergy Vitamin C is formulated for maximum absorbency, so your body can flourish and enjoy the vitamin C it needs and you can experience improved energy levels.

For All Your Supplement Needs, There’s Cymbiotika

If you’re just looking to fight general fatigue to lead a more productive life, you have all the tools you need to find a supplement regimen that fits your needs.

Unfortunately, the supplement world is filled with false claims, untrustworthy vendors, and unregulated products that can make finding the right supplements an exhausting enterprise.

That’s why Cymbiotika makes finding the right supplements an empowering process of its own.

At Cymbiotika, we’re dedicated to improving your health with advanced supplement delivery systems, backed by scientific research. Not only that, we offer quality, organic ingredients, sourced from nature and designed for optimum efficiency. Our products provide pure boosts and fatigue-fighting capabilities for your mind and body.

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